Modular/Manufactured Homes from 1993 to 2014

Retired, as of January, 2015.  Enjoy the photos and information


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retired, as of January, 2015  Enjoy the photos and information.

Samples of modular home, factory built home, and manufactured home Projects.  Subdivisions, custon urban infill, and rural settings, utilizing both CBC Modular homes and HUD manufactured homes, from 1993 to present.  All are custom home plans designed in collaboration with the best of the modular home and factory built homes factories currently servicing the California marketplace today. 

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 Retired as of January, 2015--enjoy the rest of the website!

Answers to 15 of the most common modular home questions asked us by clients, as they began their investigation into using modular homes, factory built homes, and manufactured homes, in the California San Francisco Bay Area.

Relevant publications for current technical modular and factory built home laws and regulations as required by the State of California.

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 Retired, as of January, 2015--enjoy the rest of the website!